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About the Practitioner

   Robert Williams has been providing therapeutic massage since 2012 after graduating from The Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, New York. Robert is a Military Veteran Massage Specialist, receiving certification through NCBTMB and Crouse Hospital. He is also trained in Active Cupping by ACE Cupping. 


Why I do what I do

   I was born in Oceanside, California on November 10th 1987 in Camp Pendelton. Both my parents were Marines and I was born on the Marine Corp birthday. It seemed inevitable that my life would be intertwined with the military. In September of 1994 my father tragically completed suicide while stationed in Okinawa, Japan. It took years of self introversion to deal with the sadness, the shame. I finally turned the corner to my own well being when I attended massage school in 2012. My mother later let me know that was when she said she stopped worrying about me.

  I share this story to educate. It could happen to anyone. With massage as the vehicle I hope to help clients not only physically but mentally as well. With compassion and knowledge I look forward to help you relieve stress and pain. 

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